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4 Unique Features A Luxury Mobile Restroom Trailer Rental Can Provide

When planning an outdoor event, it is important to consider available bathrooms. Unfortunately, since most outdoor venues lack enough bathroom amenities, you might need to rent portable toilets. When selecting the type of restroom rentals, remember that your main goal is to give your guests a wonderful and memorable experience. A great way to improve your guests' experience is by opting for a mobile restroom trailer rental. Here are some amazing features these restroom trailers offer.

1. Flushing Toilets

One of the major advantages of mobile restroom trailers over traditional porta potties is that they have a conventional plumbing system that allows guests to flush toilets like they would in a normal restroom. In addition, these toilets supply clean water with each flush, offering a convenient way to eliminate waste. That way, once someone is done with their business, they leave the toilet clean for the next visitor. Though this may seem like a simple mobile, it will leave a great impression on your guests.

2. Sinks with Running Water

Since the corona outbreak, people have become more cautious about personal hygiene standards. Therefore, your guests will only want to leave the toilets after washing their hands. Fortunately, you can provide proper handwashing stations with hot and cold water options with luxury restroom trailers. Restroom rental companies will also provide soap near the sinks to enhance the hygiene standards at your event.

3. Climate Control Features

Have you ever visited a porta potty during the winter only to freeze as you do your business? Unfortunately, that is the same experience your guests will go through when you rent standard porta potties, making their trips to the toilets unbearable. Fortunately, mobile restroom trailers include climate control features to ensure comfortable temperatures in the restroom no matter the weather. That way, your guests won't have to worry about sweating during the hot days or fear using the toilet when it is too cold.

4. Recessed Lighting

When hosting a night event, you'll probably have to invest in proper lighting fixtures for your walkways, the main event area, exits, and entrances. Similarly, it is important to ensure proper lighting in the restrooms. However, standard porta potty can be dark at night, which can be inconvenient, especially if the restroom area is not very close to the event venue. Luckily, luxury restroom trailers have strategically-placed lighting so guests can navigate the trailer at night.

Consider renting a luxury mobile restroom trailer if you want to host an outdoor wedding, a festival, or a charity event. These portable trailers offer unique features like flushing toilets and hand-washing stations to elevate your guests' bathroom experience.