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Three Questions Worth Asking Before You Rent A Dumpster

Whether you're planning a home renovation, wanting to de-clutter extra possessions before a move, or organizing a spring cleanup of your community, renting a dumpster can greatly improve the ease of the job. Any project that will involve disposing of a significant amount of waste has the potential to waste your time and your energy, but being able to gather everything in a rented dumpster that is later picked up by a truck will make your life easier. If you live in an area that is served by multiple dumpster rental services, don't select the company you'll rent from simply according to its rental rates. It's also beneficial to pose these three questions and evaluate the responses you get.

Is The Dumpster Thoroughly Cleaned Between Rentals?

You can't be sure what the dumpster you'll be renting was used for before it arrives at your drop-off spot, so it's important to ascertain that the company thoroughly cleans all of its dumpsters before renting them. This is a step that reputable rental companies take and will proudly tell you about, so don't be nervous about asking. It's important that your dumpster is clean when it arrives so that it will look and smell suitable. If you're leaving it in your driveway for a couple weeks during a renovation, for example, the last thing you want to experience is a filthy dumpster that smells strong.

If I'm Paying By Weight, What Happens If It Rains?

Dumpster rental services take different approaches to billing. Some companies charge you a flat rate while others weigh the dumpster when you're done with it and charge you based on the weight. The latter can be a concern if it's just rained heavily as there could be several inches of water sitting in the dumpster and adding weight. Reputable services will always check for water in the dumpster and pull a plug to allow it to drain before the weighing process. It's best to rent from a service that makes this commitment to you.

Might The Dumpster Damage My Driveway?

As a responsible homeowner, you need to know that having a dumpster placed on your driveway will not cause damage. The answer to this question should instill confidence in the dumpster rental service. The representative should tell you about the steps taken to ensure the dumpster is set down and picked up carefully – for example, comprehensive training for the drivers. Also, the company should be able to further reduce the risk of damage by placing wood below where the dumpster will be situated.

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