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Three Questions Worth Asking Before You Confirm Your Dumpster Rental

When you're getting ready for a job that will generate a significant amount of waste – such as a home renovation – it's important to never overlook the manner in which you'll deal with the waste. Multiple trips to the dump can take a lot of time and also pose a significant cost, especially if you're disposing of heavy items. A viable alternative is to consider renting a dumpster that you can fill throughout the project and have carted away when you're done. When you contact your local dumpster rental service to arrange the drop-off date, be sure to pose these three questions.

Will The Dumpster Be Clean When It Arrives?

You might not initially think that you'd care about the cleanliness of the dumpster, given that you'll only be filling it with garbage. However, you can imagine that this lack of concern would quickly be reversed if you had a smelly dumpster sitting in your driveway on a hot summer day. Reputable dumpster rental services pride themselves in thoroughly cleaning dumpsters after each rental, which means that you should expect your dumpster to be clean and smell neutral when it arrives at your home. Confirming this information can help you decide that you've chosen the right business to rent from.

How Will Your Driver Avoid Damaging My Yard?

You need to be certain that the process of having the dumpster delivered won't cause any damage to your yard. The rental service should have a plan for protecting your driveway through a method such as laying down wooden beams and setting the dumpster on the wood instead of on your asphalt. You should also hear a commitment to carefully back up the delivery truck into your driveway to avoid driving over the corners of your lawn. Reputable services will also ask if you have any overhanging tree branches in the area and might ask that you get them trimmed to avoid the truck breaking them off.

What Can't I Load In The Dumpster?

To avoid having a fee added to your rental contract because you inadvertently loaded prohibited materials in the dumpster, it's beneficial to confirm what you can and cannot load. Typically, you'll be able to fill the rented dumpster with a wide range of typical household- and renovation-related waste, such as wood, drywall, flooring and more. However, the company will often ask you to avoid loading hazardous items such as chemicals, paint and other related substances.

For more information about roll off dumpster rentals or service, contact a company in your area.