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Three Important Questions To Pose When Renting A Dumpster

Renting a dumpster can significantly make your life easier when you're tackling a large renovation job at home or performing any other task that generates lots of waste. Instead of having to load the garbage in your vehicle and transport it to the nearest dump – and pay dumping fees for doing so – you can simply fill up your rented dumpster and have the waste management company haul it away when you're done with the job. If you're considering giving your business to a couple different companies, ask these three questions on the phone and evaluate the answers you get to help choose the best company.

What Condition Will The Dumpster Be In?

You might assume that because of its use, the dumpster will be dirty when it's dropped off on your property. However, as long as you're dealing with a reputable waste management service, this thought couldn't be further from the truth. Such companies take careful steps to clean out their dumpsters between rentals, which means that you won't have to worry about the dumpster smelling on a hot summer day and generating complaints from your neighbors. This question is important to ask because it allows you to identify the waste services that are conscientious about their rental products.

Will The Dumpster Have Loading Doors?

You'll end up having to work much harder than necessary if you mistakenly rent a dumpster without doors – every time you need to place something in the bin, you'll have to lift it high over your head and throw it. The best approach is to make sure that the dumpster you plan to rent will have a pair of loading doors at one end. This feature gives you the ability to actually carry items straight into the dumpster, which is especially ideal if you're going to be filling it with heavy items. For example, if you're tearing out an old bathroom, it's much easier to carry a toilet into the dumpster than attempt to throw the heavy, awkward object over the edge.

How Easy Is It To Extend The Rental Period?

When you rent the dumpster, you'll typically indicate the day that you want it picked up. However, if your renovation project or other job falls off schedule, you could be looking at the dumpster pickup date before you're done the work. It's important to ask how much notice you need to give to extend the rental period. While you should expect to pay more for having the bin for a little longer, you don't want to face a fee for not giving enough notice to the company.

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